We Help You Make

Start My Wellness can help YOU change your story and explore new possibilities for a happier and more fulfilled life.

We Help You Make

Start My Wellness can help YOU change your story and explore new possibilities for a happier and more fulfilled life.

Psychotherapy & Wellness Services

Our trained therapists work with children, teens, adults, couples, and families through counseling, therapy, and other mental health services from our offices in Detroit and Troy, MI.

Individual Therapy - Picture of a Happy Woman Standing Outside

Individual Therapy

Explore and create better outcomes with the help of one-on-one therapy.

Couples Therapy - Picture of a Happy Couple on Couch

Couples Therapy

Learn strategies to repair, improve, and enjoy long-term relationships.

Family Therapy - Picture of a Father Hugging His Son

Family Therapy

Learn to reduce conflict and restore family harmony in your home.

Group Therapy - Picture of a Happy Group of People in Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Benefit from the support of other people with similar experiences.

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We Listen, We Understand,

We Help You Change Your Life

You can create the life you want: one with less stress and less self-criticism, and one with more confidence and energy. Our therapists are here to help you get there.

Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is an effective and scientifically validated process for working through and overcoming a variety of emotional difficulties, including:


Licensed Therapists

All of the therapists on the Start My Wellness team are licensed to practice in Michigan.

Insurance Accepted

We accept most major insurance plans and are in-network with BCBS, HAP, McLaren and Aetna.

Specialized Training

Our therapists attend hours of ongoing training, allowing them to provide the highest quality services.


Free Consultation

Nervous about starting therapy? Contact us to schedule a free, friendly, phone consultation.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer weekday, evening, and weekend appointments to fit around your busy schedule.

100% Confidential

Everything you discuss with a therapist in your therapy sessions is totally confidential.

How do I get started with therapy?

Help is just a few easy steps away. Schedule an appointment or call 248-514-4955. Visit our How to Get Started page for answers to your questions.

How can therapy help?

Almost anyone can benefit from therapy. It is a supportive process for personal growth and self-improvement. Many scientific studies show that therapy is a helpful way to learn more about yourself, improve your range of coping skills, and learn how to deal with life’s stressors more effectively. Get Started >

How much does therapy cost?

Costs depend on many factors, including your insurance and financial situation. Our fee for 45-minute sessions is $150. Your therapist can answer further questions about costs. We accept several major insurance plans and our fees are eligible for reimbursement by most Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). Questions? Contact Us >

How often do I need to come in?

Therapy is kind of like fitness – the more you put into it, usually the more you benefit. Our clients tell us that at least one session per week is most helpful to them. Of course, coming more or less often is also an option. Questions? Contact Us >

Therapist Reviews

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

Dr. Babushkin makes consistent efforts to offer top-notch mental health therapy at his clinic. He offers continuous opportunities for the clinicians to advance their knowledge and skills so he can ensure patients receive quality care.

Reviews – Shil Sengupta – Therapist

He (Shil Sengupta) is the only one that I have worked with who has actually helped me understand who I am, why I do and feel the things I do, and also discover how, to put it simple, be a happy functioning human.

Annamarie is amazing ! She

Annamarie is amazing! She is so understanding and I have had previous therapists that let me talk and all they do is agree with what I’m saying. I can tell she actually cares and listens which makes such a huge difference. The advice she has given me has helped me see my ADHD in a different way and not beating myself up over it thinking that it’s not normal because it is and she has helped me understand that!

Very professional and smart therapist.

Very professional and smart therapist. I enjoy working with her.

My experience with Samantha has

My experience with Samantha has been cultivating and enlightening. Her knowledge and understanding of people and the everyday struggles intertwined with tragedy that many of us have faced in life, sets her above the rest. I have had the opportunity to work with Samantha for almost a year now and I cannot imagine life without having her guidance. Her compassion and professionalism are transparent with every encounter. I honestly cannot begin to convey the blessing I have in Samantha Voss but I will continue to thank my lucky stars (everyday) for her.

Reviews – Start My Wellness Troy, MI

Fantastic customer service, very helpful and responsive.

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

Dr. Babushkin runs a professional clinical practice where all of the therapists are required to pursue ongoing, vigorous training to ensure high quality service.

Reviews – Shil Sengupta – Therapist

Shil cares deeply and is committed to a collaborative process with his many and diverse clients — supporting people first and foremost, and their healing, in empowering ways.

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

Sometimes it’s important to let people know you appreciate them – Dr. Babushkin, thank you for all the countless ways you’ve helped me navigate life. You’ve been more helpful than you know.

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

Dr. Anton Babushkin gave me material that’s specific, and applicable, to my situation. I look forward to our next session.

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

My visit with Dr. Babushkin was eye-opening even though, I was a little hesitant. The atmosphere and tone he sets made it that much easier to relax.

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

I would recommend Dr. Babushkin, with the highest enthusiasm possible, to any parent like myself who is seeking psychotherapy for their child.

Reviews – Shil Sengupta – Therapist

Over the last year I have excelled both personally and professionally to an extent I never even thought possible.

Reviews – Scott Tomey – Therapist

This is a great clinic and I highly recommend Scott. He’s very knowledgeable and really cares about helping you get through whatever you might be experiencing.

Reviews – Dr. Anton Babushkin – Therapist

I cannot emphasize how important and impactful his skills (Dr. Babushkin) have been in helping my son recover from a series of traumatic emotional events that greatly affected his outlook on life.

Reviews – Shil Sengupta – Therapist

From our first meeting about a year ago I could tell Shil had not only my best interest in mind, but a true and deep care for those he worked with.

Every interaction I’ve had with

Every interaction I’ve had with the administrative staff and therapists at Start My Wellness has been warm, helpful and caring. I highly recommend this therapy practice.

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