woman in individual therapy session

woman in individual therapy session

Codependency Counseling

Finding Harmony in Co Dependency

Embracing codependency with awareness allows individuals to consider their daily choices and the impact of these decisions on their well-being and personal development. It prompts a deeper exploration of one’s needs, desires, and the ways in which relationships can be nurtured to support mutual growth. Ultimately, by making informed choices about when to depend on oneself and when to seek support, individuals.

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Understand Yourself & Make Better Decisions

Improve Personal Relationships & Communication
Reduce Depression, Worry, Stress & Self-Criticism

Increase Confidence & Your Ability to Get Things Done

Start My Wellness brings together mental health professionals from diverse educational, professional, and identity backgrounds to meet the needs of our diverse client base. Our Licensed and experienced therapists can help with many challenges, including:

The new information and insights you gain about yourself in therapy will empower you, help you create new coping skills, and gain a new appreciation for your life.

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Aetna, Priority Health and private pay clients. Self-pay sessions are $150 per session, depending on the therapist. Please call our office with any questions at 248-514-4955.