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Mental Health @ Work

Mental Illness is Prevalent

1 in 5 adults experience a mental health difficulty at least once a year

66% of People Who Need Help Don’t Get It

Social stigma and lack of access reduce access to mental health treatment

Mental Illness is Costly to Employers

Costs include loss of productivity, increased absenteeism and disability claims

80%+ of Employees Respond Well to Treatment

Employees who receive treatment for mental illness reported improvement

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Corporate Wellness Services

Most Recommended

Executive Coaching

We help leaders, from small non-profits to large corporations, enhance their understanding of their team and use that intelligence to improve company culture, productivity and retention.

Most Recommended

On-Site Therapy

We offer on-site individual and group therapy sessions to help employees deal with stress, improve productivity, manage conflicts and increase overall well-being.

Group Workshops

Common topics in our custom-tailored workshops include self-care, assertive communication, asking for feedback, time management, mindfulness and personal development.

We Make Working
Together, Better

Reap the benefits of a healthier, more energized workforce:

Increase Employee Motivation & Performance


Improve Teamwork & Cross-Cultural Communication


Reduce the Effects of Personal Issues at Work


Increase Employee Morale & Decrease Absenteeism


Create a Happier & More Productive Environment


Improve Employee Recruitment & Retention

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Let’s Get Started

According to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey in 2018, 60% of employees surveyed want onsite mental health counseling and only 21% of companies offer the service.

It’s time to make emotional and psychological well-being a critical part of your employment brand and culture.

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Corporate Experience

We provide on-site therapy services at one of the largest employers in Detroit with excellent results.

Licensed Therapists

All of the therapists on the Start My Wellness team are licensed to practice in Michigan.

Specialized Training

We require hours of ongoing training, allowing us to provide the highest quality service.

100% Confidential

We keep everything employees discuss in on-site therapy sessions totally confidential.

Discover Our Innovative On-Site Approach

Corporate Wellness Blog 

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What does marketing have to do with emotional wellness?

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The importance of role models for healthy decision making

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