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Corporate Wellness Services

High-Quality, Custom Employer Programs Powered by Our Nationwide Network of Excellent Providers

N Improve the Mental Health Environment of Your Workplace

N Increase Employee Motivation & Performance

N Improve Teamwork & Cross-Cultural Communication

N Reduce the Effects of Personal Issues at Work

N Increase Employee Morale & Decrease Absenteeism

N Create a Happier & More Productive Environment

N Improve Employee Recruitment & Retention

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Executive Coaching

We help leaders, from small non-profits to large corporations, enhance their understanding of their team and use that intelligence to improve company culture, productivity and retention.

online therapy at start my wellness

On-Site Therapy

We offer on-site individual and group therapy sessions to help employees deal with stress, improve productivity, manage conflicts and increase overall well-being.

group workshops

Group Workshops

Common topics in our custom-tailored workshops include self-care, assertive communication, asking for feedback, time management, mindfulness and personal development.

Mental Health @ Work

N Emotional Wellness of Employees Really Matters

N 60% of Employees Want Onsite Mental Health Services

N Only 21% of Companies Offer Onsite Mental Health Service

Number One

Mental Illness is Prevalent

1 in 5 adults experience a mental health difficulty at least once a year

Number Two

66% of People Who Need Help Don’t Get It

Social stigma and lack of access reduce access to mental health treatment

Number Three

Mental Illness is Costly to Employers

Costs include loss of productivity, increased absenteeism and disability claims

Number Four

80%+ of Employees Respond Well to Treatment

Employees who receive treatment for mental illness reported improvement

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Why Partner With Start My Wellness?

N Vetted and Experienced Providers

N Largest and Most Diverse Team of Specialists in the Country

N Extended and Specialized Training in Workspace Mental Health

N Evidence-Based Approach with Documented Results

Corporate Wellness Blog

Why Is Being Able To Schedule An Appointment Quickly Important?

Why Is Being Able To Schedule An Appointment Quickly Important?

So what does all of this have to do with being able to quickly schedule appointments? Starting or resuming treatment is an important step on the way towards improvement in self-care. The skills of caring for oneself (including one’s emotional health) are usually best learned in the context of a good relationship. Therapy offers this unique opportunity. Author: Anton Babushka, Ph.D., LMSW

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Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Lastly, the good news is, my company, Start My Wellness, has recently relocated close to downtown Troy. We are excited to be in a location that is convenient to many of our neighbors in Royal Oak, Berkley, Southfield, Birmingham, and Detroit, and the best part is, we have many therapists and psychiatric nurse practitioners ready to see new patients in person and online appointments. Author: Anton Babushka, Ph.D., LMSW

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How to Make the Most of New Year Resolutions and Intentions

How to Make the Most of New Year Resolutions and Intentions

Reflecting on her successes over the past year – and even the things she maintained without improving – helped her feel more competent and ready for the next challenge. She needed to continue choosing her own healing, even when it was hard or it didn’t seem like she was going anywhere. That perseverance is a strength in itself. Author: Lindsay Hall, MSW

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