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The experienced therapists at Start My Wellness evaluate all aspects of your life that impact your mental health and happiness and work with you to remove these barriers, one by one. By following the three easy steps below, you’ll be on your way to improving your health and happiness!

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Depressed? Anxious? Can’t focus? Not feeling like you? We can help! Browse and select a therapy or another wellness service that’s right for you.

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Our doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists and nutritionists are looking forward to helping you. Find your partner in wellness today!

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Schedule an Appointment

We make “finding time” for appointments easy with weekday, evening or weekend options and a simple online scheduling tool. Book today!

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How Much Does Therapy Cost?

We’ll Let You Know Your Cost Up Front!

We accept most insurance plans including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna & Priority Health! We’ll check with your insurance provider and give you a free cost estimate before your first appointment. You’ll never recieve a surprise bill!

Our fees are also eligible for reimbursement by most Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) or Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

Lastly, we make billing transparent and easy with our online automated billing system.

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Latest Reviews

Emily Lunn
Emily Lunn
Start My Wellness definitely receives 5 stars. Their staff are incredibly helpful and want you to get the care you need. I did start by seeing Scott, but found him to not be the best fit for me. This can be a potentially uncomfortable situation for someone who already has anxiety on the best of days. Between talking with Laila who I see for medication and WISH I could have her as my actual therapist, and Mike Misiak at the main office, we are all in alignment on what my treatment plan is going forward. I am so impressed with Start My Wellness, which I found through the program my work started, I am going to be doing a full company presentation to talk about my experience and how SMW really does a great job of taking the stigma out of therapy! Thank you to everyone!
Sydney Maus
Sydney Maus
I have enjoyed every interaction with Start My Wellness. They are helpful no matter your situation.
Walter Kacher
Walter Kacher
The best therapy I could have ever imagined. They finally diagnosed me and gave me the help I always needed. I am forever grateful.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith
I absolutely love the the people here. Was able to get started right away after getting all the paperwork done. Recommend this place to anyone and everyone
jamie cooley
jamie cooley
I have not been here but I go to the previous employer of Abigail (Platt) Schellhammer… I’m very saddened she is gone. I have seen her last 6 years. She is so professional and personable. I prayed she stayed in family practice in my area. I may just drive to Ferndale🥰Wishing her happiness. Also letting SMW know how lucky they are to have her. I’ve went to her replacement this week and let’s just say she CANNOT be replaced. I left crying after realizing I lost the BEST practitioner I could ask for. UGH!!!! Best of luck to her though she deserve the world.
Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw
Been a patient by of Abigail (platt)Schellhammer in Lansing.. Going to miss her very first appointment without her and the new Dr I was scheduled with didn’t show up for my 8:20 appt, I left at 9:30.. made new appt for 11:30 with PA and it’s now 12:20 and still waiting😢I told the MA “I never waited for Abigail”. … which is true, the place went to h*** in a hand basket when she left…SMW sooooo lucky to have Ms. Schellhammer...her old patient -Jamie Cooley😢