Online Therapy & Business Consultations

Talk to a therapist from your home or office.

Online Therapy, Phone Therapy & Business Consultations

Talk to a therapist from your home or office.

Let’s Talk by Phone or Online!

If you live in Michigan, our therapists are able to provide therapy by phone or online via Zoom or Skype for your convenience. Some insurances cover this service, others do not and you would need to pay for it out of pocket. We offer telehealth services as a way to reduce interruptions and help you get the support you need when you are unable to meet in person.
Understand Yourself & Make Better Decisions
Improve Personal Relationships & Communication
Reduce Depression, Worry, Stress & Self-Criticism

Increase Confidence & Your Ability to Get Things Done

The goal of treatment is to understand the underlying causes of your symptoms and difficulties. You may not realize how your symptoms came about, or that they’d become a burden in your life, but with the first step of contacting us, you and your therapist can learn how to overcome these concerns. The therapist’s job is to think with you about your symptoms from a different perspective – one that is empowering and hopeful. Together, you will make productive changes and find better ways to deal with issues like:

The new information and insights you gain about yourself in therapy will empower you, help you create new coping skills, and gain a new appreciation for your life.

Start Your Journey to Wellness

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Business Consultations by Phone

We offer state of the art phone consultations to help business face challenges. Take a look at our “Success Stories” on our Corporate Wellness Site to see examples of what we can do for you. We help improve things like:

Our company has a strong track record of actionable outcomes that improve company culture and resilience.

Additional Services

Individual Therapy - Picture of a Happy Woman Standing Outside

Individual Therapy

Explore and create better outcomes with the help of one-on-one therapy.

Couples Therapy - Picture of a Happy Couple on Couch

Couples Therapy

Learn strategies to repair, improve, and enjoy long-term relationships.

Family Therapy - Picture of a Father Hugging His Son

Family Therapy

Learn to reduce conflict and restore family harmony in your home.

Group Therapy - Picture of a Happy Group of People in Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Benefit from the support of other people with similar experiences.