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Start My Wellness can help you build, market, and run a successful private practice.

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With the demand for psychiatric services on the rise, there’s never been a better time to establish your private practice. Let us guide you towards professional fulfillment and financial success.

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Therapists / Counselors

Now is the perfect time to translate your education and experience into a thriving private practice. Partner with Start My Wellness to make achieving your career aspirations a priority.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners

Your skills as a Psychiatric NP are essential for integrated mental health care. Start My Wellness can help you elevate your career by building a private practice with our support and guidance.

Why Partner With Start My Wellness?

Have you always wanted to start your own private practice in social work, psychology, or psychiatry, but were not sure how?

Do you think about the advantages of a flexible schedule, strong income, and the satisfaction of helping people? Start My Wellness is seeking qualified mental health professionals who share our passion for helping others and who want to be financially successful.

We help you start and run your own successful private practice.

Dr. Anton Babushkin founded Start My Wellness in 2015. Dr. Babushkin has over 15 years of experience as a mental health professional and close to 10 years as an entrepreneur. He combines his strong interest in business and mental health to create a turnkey opportunity for healthcare professionals to start and run a private practice while improving access to mental health services.

Since 2015, the company has grown to become a knowledgeable, cutting-edge provider of business services. Our team of experts has deep knowledge in marketing, networking, building, continuing education, billing, and credentialing. We work closely with you toward your goals.

We offer a turnkey opportunity to:

  • Register your practice and obtain all the necessary legal paperwork
  • Get access to high-quality office space
  • Get assistance with specialized marketing to build your referral network
  • Obtain mentoring and continuing education from experienced colleagues
  • Make sure you get paid by insurance companies and patients promptly

Billing & Collections

We have a proven track record of collecting over 95% of all outstanding invoices, and we strive every day to ensure you get paid for every service completed. We only work with higher-paying commercial insurances to help you have a high hourly rate per session.


Marketing & Network Building

Our full-time marketing team helps you establish and maintain a strong online and offline presence, and consistently nurture your own referral networks to ensure an ongoing stream of patients.


Office Space & Administrative Support

Your dedicated account manager assists you with all the administrative aspects of private practice, including credentialing. We also provide beautiful office space and a friendly receptionist for in-person appointments.


Continuing Education & Mentoring

Our experienced senior leadership hosts at least two hours of relevant educational content each week, and mentors meet with you regularly to ensure you get the support and feedback you need to run a successful practice.


Additional Support & Collaboration

  • For Mental Health Therapists: We help you connect with and pay for a good supervisor and support other educational experiences.
  • For Nurse Practitioners: We help you connect with and pay for a good collaborative physician and support other educational experiences.

Reviews from Current Clients

Michael Carroll

“I began at Start My Wellness in October 2023 and quickly filled a caseload. The focus on marketing and business is something I had never previously considered in my work. In the last few years, my main focus outside of providing psychotherapy has been further clinical training. That is where my passion is, but it did not exactly translate to promoting my services to potential clients. Start My Wellness helped me to think about what I could improve to be more successful. Things like tweaking my advertisements were effective ways to gain exposure. Start My Wellness has supported me to connect the dots between what I am already good at – practicing psychotherapy – and building a successful practice. I am very happy I found them.”

Michael Carroll, LMSW | Read Bio >

Yasmin Shkoukani LLMSW
“As a newer clinician, Start My Wellness has been such a huge help with building my practice. The Start My Wellness team helps and inspires clinicians, like myself, to be active members on social media and in the community. They helped me create flyers and videos that I can use to network virtually. The Start My Wellness team also encouraged me to reach out, volunteer, and build connections within my community. I’m so grateful to have this team that is there for me!”

Yasmin Shkoukani, LLMSW | Read Bio >

Greg Waltz, PMHNP
“As a psychiatric nurse practitioner working as an independent contractor, my experience at Start My Wellness has definitely been positive. Anton has helped explore ways to grow my practice since day one. Monthly meetings are scheduled to discuss progress, assess needs, and plan for future growth. On top of this, a marketing strategist is part of the team to further facilitate making connections with mental health stakeholders in the community. All in all, I have felt supported and part of a team while maintaining the autonomy of private practice.”

Greg Waltz, Psychiatric NP | Read Bio >

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