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DBusiness Magazine: Mental Pivot featuring Start My Wellness

Apr 11, 2023 | Careers

Start My Wellness, formerly a Troy-based mental health counseling office, has moved to Ferndale and added a component that focuses on helping other health care professionals manage their practices. In addition to seeing patients, Start My Wellness now offers accounting and marketing services to health care professionals, and helps them find a suitable office space.

“As a therapist, I get a lot of satisfaction from helping my own patients, but I didn’t want to run a traditional clinic,” says Anton Babushkin, founder and CEO of Start My Wellness. “Wellness and mental health services come in many different varieties, but things like a seamless experience and good customer service are universal. I thought I could empower health care professionals to do their best work by taking care of the things they’re less familiar with – billing, marketing, et cetera. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and mental health, so this is a way to combine my professional interests and help more people get access to good services.”

 Start My Wellness currently supports 25 health care providers, has a goal of doubling that number in two years, and is “investing a lot right now into technology and business processes to make what we do even more effective and efficient,” Babushkin says.

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