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Our licensed therapists help people in Detroit, MI and throughout Wayne County live happier and more fulfilled lives.​

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Make Relationships Better

Your relationships don’t have to be in turmoil to benefit from couples or family counseling. Therapy can take a good thing and make it great. When it comes to your relationships, our trained therapists can help you strengthen your bond with loved ones through improved communication, intimacy and trust-building. Scheduling an appointment!

Learn to Thrive at Work

The workplace is commonly cited as a source of stress and anxiety for most individuals in your community. Start My Wellness allows you to discuss these workplace challenges in a judgment-free zone. Our counselors and therapists can help you navigate these struggles by giving you the tools you need to communicate in a healthy way, assert your needs and identify patterns that may have been working against you. Scheduling an appointment!

De-Stress & Excel at School

Students of all ages can take advantage of our mental health counseling services to overcome daily stressors related to school. Whether it be a change in routine, a heavy workload, or social pressures, a qualified therapist can help you work through these life challenges in the most effective way. Don't delay scheduling your first appointment!

Conveniently located on 9 Mile, between Wrenson and Leitch Roads, you can find our office just east of Woodward and close to Downtown Troy. Whether you need assistance overcoming a difficult experience, dealing with anxiety or depression, or simply want to improve the quality of your life, our highly-skilled and licensed counselors will work with you to achieve your goals.

We are accepting new patients and offer phone, virtual or in-person appointments.

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Who Can Diagnose and Treat ADHD?

Who Can Diagnose and Treat ADHD?

Mental health professionals, including psychologists, social workers, advanced practice nurses and psychiatrists have the most experience and training in identifying and providing support for individuals with ADHD.

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Understanding ACE Scores

Understanding ACE Scores

For individuals who may have been affected by trauma, understanding your score and working with a licensed clinician is the first step to addressing unresolved pain and receiving essential support.

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