How to Find a Therapist For Your Child in Clawson, Michigan

As a parent, helping your child succeed and learn to take care of themselves as an independent adult is a major priority. Success goes beyond good grades and good behavior. Are they learning the right social and emotional skills to develop healthy, lasting relationships? Are they establishing how to take care of their physical health and finding ways to make their life rewarding and meaningful? When your child is struggling to make friends, do well in school or manage their feelings, you’ll do everything you can to empower them. Sometimes, that means asking for assistance from an outside expert. The ideal person is a team player, who can empathize with your child’s difficulties, and will help you and your family develop and follow through on a plan to make things better.

If you live in Clawson, it can feel like there are too many child therapists to choose from. With bigger cities such as Detroit and Troy a short drive away, how can you choose the right therapist? To complicate things more, you’re searching for the right therapist for your child, who has their own unique needs, personality and approach to life.

Can you tell if the relationship between your child and their therapist is helping?

Here are some clues that your child and therapist are working well together:

Does your child feel like they can easily talk to their therapist?

Connection takes time, especially if your child is more reserved. The therapist needs to be able to find ways of talking with your child – for example, can the therapist elicit something through a game or activity? Children don’t always have the vocabulary or confidence to express their difficulties verbally, so therapists must be understanding and inviting in order to create a safe space for the child. Often times, kids communicate through their actions which can include sulking, crying or lashing out. With proper guidance from a therapist, they can begin to understand these feelings and actions better and learn how to cope with them constructively – now and far into the future. Through continued sessions with a devoted, understanding therapist, your child or teen will learn new skills that allow them lead more enjoyable lives. They will learn how to identify what they feel, ask for help, and manage more complex situations. They will be able to pay attention to their own needs and make proactive choices to be successful in school, relationships and interactions with your family.

Does the therapist offer new perspectives and insights for your child?

The next step is for your child’s therapist to work closely with you. Especially for younger children, the parents are a crucial part of the child’s development and working closely with the therapist can help you think of ways to help your kid in between sessions. Is your therapist meeting with you and offering tips for how you can help your child between appointments? The therapist and parent(s) are a team, communicating often to help your child develop new skills. The more consistent the message from the parent(s) and therapist, the more likely the child can practice taking ownership of their difficulties, verbally communicating their needs, and developing skills like resilience.

How closely is your child’s therapist working with your whole family?

Just like adults, the connection between your child and their therapist can take some time, especially if your child is more reserved. Sometimes kids complain about therapy even though they are making progress, and other times they say all they do is “play” during the sessions, while the reality is they are working on their challenges using the therapeutic relationship. Your child doesn’t have to like therapy for it to be effective but having a good connection and a good professional relationship with the therapist is a clue that therapy can be productive. Try to look for subtle cues that your child feels their therapist is someone they can trust. Being playful and engaging in therapeutic play can be a way for your child to tell their story and understand their own contributions to some of their problems. Over time, they should feel empowered to try new ways of solving problems, approaching situations, and taking care of their emotions. .

Because therapy is a gradual process, it can be difficult to tell if it’s working or not. Oftentimes, parents have trouble getting information from their kids about school days, let alone therapy sessions! Keep in mind that this is a process. It’s vital to see therapy as an ongoing commitment rather than a quick fix. You might have days where attending sessions are difficult, and your kid may not always be enthusiastic about going. Even so, it’s important to find the right therapist and stick with regular visits for best long-term results. With the right therapeutic relationship, your child can practice new skills and self-understanding that can help them be more successful and independent.

If you feel like your child isn’t getting the help they need, it may be time to seek a new therapist. Since there are fewer child therapists than therapists who work with adults, it can seem overwhelming if you’re faced with starting over.

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