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FALL-Back in Love With Yourself

Sep 14, 2022 | Personal Growth, Strategies

Key Takeaways:

  1. The seasons changing offer us an objective timeline to reflect on our lives. This is an opportunity that can lead to fruitful self discovery.
  2. There is no “right” way to check-in with yourself. Be intentional and create a space and a vehicle for reflection that works for you: whether it is journaling, visual arts, recording a voice memo, scheduling a therapy session, or something else. All are valid.
  3. It is possible that your reflection reveals some components of the self that you want to work on or understand more deeply. This can be challenging work, and we hope that you’ll consider Start My Wellness to be a tool as you navigate the next season.

At this point, we have all heard of “Hot Girl Summer.” But have you heard about “Fall Back in Love With Yourself Fall?”

The changing seasons offer us an objective timeline to reassess, reflect, admire, critique, reinvent, unlearn, and appreciate ourselves and our growth. The official start to fall begins on September 22nd, which allows for a little over a week to begin the process of checking-in with yourself. Emphasis on begin. Think of September 22nd as a reminder, rather than a deadline. Setting intentional time aside over the next few weeks to check-in with yourself can be a gratifying and aligning experience. There’s no need to save all of your goal-setting and intentions for the New Year!

What does “setting intentional time aside” mean? I would encourage you to start with choosing an environment that makes you feel at ease and soothed. Choose an environment that fits within your life – if you are able to drive somewhere, if you are able to sit in your bathtub for a half hour, if you are taking a walk between meetings: all of these can be intentional. Choose a style for reflection that mirrors your communication style and needs. If you are a journaler, journal. If you are an oral processor, break out your voice memo app and record your thoughts. If you are a visual artist, take out a blank canvas and explore your reflection there. There is no “right” way to check-in with yourself. Lean in to what makes you feel secure, comfortable, and heard.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to begin this process of checking-in:

  • Between June 22nd and September 22nd, what are you most proud of yourself for?
  • Between June 22nd and September 22nd, what have you accomplished, completed, or walked away from?
  • How do you think you have changed over the last few months? How have you stayed the same?
  • How have you been supported in the last few months? If you would like that support to change in any way, how so?
  • What do you hope to accomplish, complete, or walk away from between September 22nd and December 21st (the official start of Winter)?

Remember to be gentle with yourself when answering these questions. Life is not equally distributed over the four seasons – some seasons are much more challenging than others. Lean into acceptance of how your last season happened and focus on what you would like to change to feel more balanced.

Unearthing changes and goals that you have for yourself can be challenging work to do alone. If you find yourself confused or unsure how to incorporate your reflections into your life, therapy might be a helpful tool for navigating that.

Dr. Anton Babushkin

Author: Anton Babushkin, PhD

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