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Is going to therapy a weakness?

Jan 31, 2023 | Therapy

Patient: A lot of my friends are always like, “you don’t need therapy. That’s so stupid, just get over it.” Is going to therapy a weakness?

Therapist: We have these sorts of ideas in our society, like being vulnerable or asking for help is somehow weak or not strong. In actuality, therapy is a place of vulnerability and it can be a very useful vulnerability. You’re not asking for help because you’re not strong. You’re saying things like, “I’m good at sports, but I have a hard time in my work,” or “I’m good at work, but I have a hard time with relationships.” You’re coming from a place of strength saying, “I know I have skills and talents, but somehow I’ve not been able to achieve this or that in my life. I want to figure out why. I want to feel like I can manage that too.” I mean, it’s easy for me to say I’m a therapist, but the reality is you’re looking to improve your life. How could that be a bad thing?


Mike Misiak

Author: Anton Babushkin, PhD, CEO

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*This video was created with the help of Mike Misiak and Tim Forkin

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