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Is $550 for an ADHD Evaluation Worth the Money?

Jan 25, 2023 | ADHD

In an era where typical ADHD evaluations can cost upwards of $2000, with a month or more of waiting for the appointment, and another month for a report (which most people cannot understand), how can Dr. Bloom offer a worthwhile ADHD evaluation for only $550? Something that inexpensive cannot be worthwhile, can it? Yes, it can. Here is why:

There is a vast amount of ADHD research that demonstrates behavioral ratings do a better job of diagnosing ADHD than do batteries of in-office neuropsychological tests. Using well chosen, science-based rating scales (the same ones you would get in the expensive in-office evaluations), combining them with a thoroughly taken history, behavioral rating scales screening for co-existing conditions, and collaborative feedback sessions, the job of accurately detecting ADHD is well within our ability, both to detect ADHD and to assess co-existing emotional, behavioral, social, academic or developmental complicating factors.

Isn’t expensive in-office neuropsychological testing worth the extra cost for peace of mind that nothing is overlooked? I’ve spent a career doing expensive in-office neuropsychological testing for ADHD. Some of my former students still do. I’ve made switch to the $550 model confident that I won’t miss important details. I head a team of well trained, closely supervised staff. We thoroughly review every case, every detail. In situations where more testing is needed (only about 10-15% of the cases), I make that recommendation. I explain the reason and the additional cost involved. For most cases, the $550 model performs wonderfully.

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Dr. Anton Babushkin

Author: Anton Babushkin, PhD

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