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What happens if we run into each other outside of therapy?

Mar 20, 2023 | Therapy Expectations

Patient: What happens if we run into each other outside of therapy, like if we’re at a bar or at a park or something?

Therapist: So that might seem like an awkward situation, but that is something that a client and therapist might, at the beginning when they’re starting therapy, have a discussion of, you know, “what are the expectations if we run to each other in public.”

For me as a therapist, I will go by what the client is requesting, because oftentimes clients may not have let your family members or friends know that they’re in therapy. So I definitely want to respect the client’s privacy and confidentiality. I would never be the one to approach you. Of course, if you approach me, that is a different situation and I would kind of follow the client’s lead.

But that definitely is a conversation to have with your therapist at the beginning of therapy so that you both understand what the expectations of each other are, if that situation were to occur.

Nosa Obaseki

Author: Nosa Obaseki, MA, TLLP

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*This video was created with the help of Tim Forkin and Mike Misiak

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